Single Mode Fiber Patch Cord

Laser Space manufactures a large range of single mode fiber patch cords based on single mode (SM) and polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber cables. We offer fiber patch cord with varieties of connectors such as FC/PC and FC/APC. AR coating is also available from 300 to 2200 nm.
All fiber patch cord are individually tested.

Single Mode Fiber Patch cord

Part NumberOperating WavelengthCutoff WavelengthFiber TypeAttenuationPrice
FP-405-SM405-532 nm305-400 nmSM40050 dB/km @430nm$69.00
FP-630-SM633-780 nm500-600 nmSM60015 dB/km@633nm$59.00
FP-780-SM780-970 nm730 nm780HP4 dB/km@780nm$59.00
FP-1064-SM980-1650 nm920 nmSM9801.5 dB/km@1060 nm$49.00
FP-1550-SM1260-1625 nm1260 nmSMF-28E0.18 dB/km@1550nm$35.00
FP-2000-SM1700-2300 nm1750 nmSM200020 dB/km@1900nm$89.00

Polarization-Maintaining (PM) Single Mode Fiber Patch Cord

Part numberOperating WavelengthTyp Extinction RatioCutoff WavelengthFiber TypePrice
FP-375-PM350-460 nm17 dB340 nmPM-S350-HP$210.00
FP-405-PM400-680 nm17 dB380 nmPM-S405-XP$198.00
FP-488-PM460-700 nm20 dB410 nmPM-S405-XP$198.00
FP-630-PM620-850 nm22 dB570 nmPM630-HP$125.00
FP-780-PM770-1100 nm22 dB710 nmPM780-HP$125.00
FP-1064-PM970-1550 nm24 dB920 nmPM980-XP (Panda)$119.90
FP-1300-PM1270-1625 nm25 dB1210 nmPM1300-XP (Panda)$120.00
FP-1550-PM1440-1625 nm25 dB1380 nmPM1550-XP (Panda)$109.90
FP-2000-PM1850-2200 nm25 dB1700 nmPM2000$220.00