Service and Customization

Laser Space provides extensive services such as thin film optics coating, fiber tip polishing, micro optics (FAC, SAC, beam twister and other beam shaping optics) installation for semiconductor laser, as well as other customization designs and development for customers. Please contact us with you detailed requirements.

fiber polish results

Crystalline Fiber Tip Polish

Laser Space has extensive experience on polishing tips of all kind of fiber including extremely fragile single crystalline fiber. The typical polishing performance is shown below and CLICK HERE to place service orders.

Fiber Roughness Ranm0.0020.002.78
Fiber Roughness Rqnm0.0020.003.4
Ferrule Roughness Ranm0.0020.005.28
Ferrule Roughness Rqnm0.0020.006.32

Terms and Conditions

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