Fiber Pigtailed Diode Laser

The fiber-pigtailed Laser Sources manufactured by Laser Space are high-performance integrated laser diode module offering excellent stability with wavelength from visible to near-IR. The integrated TEC element can provide excellent temperature regulation and stability to the laser diode. On the front panel is an on/off key, an enable button, a knob to adjust the laser power (drive current). The back panel includes a BNC input that allows the laser diode to be externally modulated. The back panel also features a remote interlock input (2.5 mm mono jack) for added safety.

  • The long term power stability (rms) is <0.5% over 24 hrs, and short term stability is < 0.1% over 1 hr.
  • Lifetime of diode laser module is more than 10,000 hours.

The Q-lite series is designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements for scientific research, amplifier seeding, material spectroscopy, medical, and defense market segments.

Customers can pick lasers from the chart below. The price reflects the lowest price of different model with the same wavelength. (for the wavelengths not listed in the chart, please contact [email protected] for further information):

pls_PS -laser space

Download Mechanical Drawings

Part numberWavelength (nm)Power (mW)Fiber typeSpectral WidthMin Price
Q-lite-40040015SM or PM2 nm$2,600.00
Q-lite-40540510/30SM or Fiber Collimator1.2 nm$2,950.00
Q-lite-405-300-MM405300Multi-mode1 nm$2,950.00
Q-lite-45045015SM3 nm$2,500.00
Q-lite-48848820SM1 nm$2,360.00
Q-lite-50550510SM 405-HP1 nm$2,310.00
Q-lite-52052015SM1 nm$3,050.00
Q-lite-63363330SM or PM500 kHz to 1 nm$2,470.00
Q-lite-70070020SM or PM1 nm$4,130.00
Q-lite-73073020SM or PM1 nm$4,130.00
Q-lite-760760200HI-780500kHz or 0.2 nm$3,650.00
Q-lite-7757755-10SM or PM500kHz or 1 nm$1,970.00
Q-lite-785785600SM, PM or MM0.05 nm$2,970.00
Q-lite-795795100SM or PM0.2 nm$3,300.00
Q-lite-808808100-250SM or PM0.2 nm - 1 nm$2,900.00
Q-lite-830830100SM500kHz to 2 nm$2,650.00
Q-lite-850850100-200SM or PM0.1 -1 nm$2,600.00
Q-lite-905905200Hi7802 nm$3,100.00
Q-lite-915915300Hi780500 kHz or 2 nm$2,800.00
Q-lite-940940200SM or PM0.2 nm$2,100.00
Q-lite-980980100 - 750SM or PM0.2 nm$2,100.00
Q-lite-1030103050-1200SM or PM3 MHz to 2 nm$2,700.00
Q-lite-1060106050 - 450SM or PM500 kHz - 2 nm$2,300.00
Q-lite-1064106450-1200 mWSingle Mode or PM3MHz to 1 nm$3,500.00
Q-lite-1080108050-600SM or PM3MHz - 4 nm$4,100.00
Q-lite-11221122400SM or PM0.1 nm$4,790.00
Q-lite-11501150300SM or PM0.1 nm or 2 nm$3,900.00
Q-lite-11771177350SM or PM0.1 nm or 2 nm$3,900.00
Q-lite-12401240500SM or PM0.1 nm or 2 nm$4,750.00
Q-lite-13001300350SM or PM3 MHz to 2nm$2,700.00
Q-lite-1320132020Hi10600.01 nm$2,100.00
Q-lite-1390139010Hi106010 MHz$2,700.00
Q-lite-14201420150SM281 nm$2,700.00
Q-lite-14401440200SM or PM3 nm$2,100.00
Q-lite-14501450150SM or PM3 nm$2,700.00
Q-lite-14601460350SM or PM1 nm$2,300.00
Q-lite-14701470150SM281 nm$2,700.00
Q-lite-14801480500SM or PM1 nm$2,900.00
Q-lite-14901490150SM or PM0.01 nm or 3 nm$2,100.00
Q-lite-1530153020SM or PM10 MHz$2,300.00
Q-lite-1550155010-150SM or PM100 kHz to 2 nm$3,100.00
Q-lite-1570157010SM2810 MHz$2,100.00
Q-lite-1580158020SM or PM10 MHz$3,100.00
Q-lite-1600160020SM or PM10 MHz$2,900.00
Q-lite-165016505-75SM or PM500 kHz to 6 nm$2,300.00
Q-lite-1940194015SM200015 nm$5,240.00
Q-lite-2000200015SM200015 nm$5,750.00