MgO: PPLN Crystal

ppln group

Periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) is a highly efficient medium for nonlinear wavelength conversion processes. PPLN is used for frequency doubling, difference frequency generation, sum frequency generation, optical parametric oscillation, and other nonlinear processes.

The 5% MgO doping in LiNbO3 would increase the optical resistance of the crystals and significantly improve its damage threshold. We are pleased to announce that Laser Space offers off-the-shelf and custom MgO:PPLN crystal designed for SHG, OPO, SFG and DFG for your choice.

    ❖ Crystals are Available From Stock
    ❖ High Efficiency Wavelength Conversion
    ❖ AR Coated
    ❖ PPLN mounts and temperature controlled oven provided
Type of conversionSHG/DFG/SFG/OPO/OPA/OPG, etc.
Grating typeSingle/Multi/Chirp/Fan-out/Cascade, etc.
QPM periodStandard and customized(4.0um~200um)
Matching temperature25℃~200℃
SizeStandard and customized
Duty48%~52% or customized
Flatnessλ/[email protected]
Surface Quality10-5