high power SMA connector

Laser Space provides a variety of step-index and graded-index multimode fiber optic patch cables with standard, high power, or AR-coated SMA connectors.

Part NumberDescriptionUnit Price
FP-MM-FC/PCMultimode Fiber patch cord with FC/PC connectors, 10um-400um core size$79.00
FP-MM-SMA-SMultimode Fiber patch cord with standard SMA905 connectors, 10um-1500um core size$59.00
FP-MM-SMA-HPMultimode Fiber patch cord with high power SMA905 connectors, 10-1500um core size$139.00
FP-MM-HP-SMA-ARHigh Power AR coated multimode fiber patch cord with SMA905 connector, 400-800um core size, 300nm-1600nm wavelength range$469.00